Custom Orthotics

Orthotics made just for you

Custom orthotics are specially-made devices designed to support and comfort your feet. Prescription orthotics are crafted for you and no one else. They match the contours of your feet precisely and are designed for the way you move. Movement and function are studied. Orthotics are created after we conduct a complete evaluation of your feet, and ankles so the orthotic can accommodate your unique foot structure and pathology.


Off The Shelf?

Prescription orthotics are different from the shoe inserts or arch supports you grab off the shelf at a convenience store or pharmacy. Because they are custom made for your unique feet and individual discomfort, they are able to effectively target your pain and correct preexisting conditions. The mass produced inserts you buy in a store or order online are created to deal with average feet and general issues, which means they cannot correct unique biomechanical problems. In some cases, they can be helpful for providing a layer of cushioning and support. The wrong type of supports, however, can painfully change the way you walk or add pressure to a different part of your foot, causing more damage than good.

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